Monday, October 22, 2007

America's Most Stupidest Clothing Maker: Alfani Knows Football

Leon Hall kinda looks like a pimp in his new Alfani clothes. Too bad the geniuses at Alfani have no idea who the hell he is.

Apparently Bengals rookie corner Leon Hall is modeling clothes for Alfani and is featured in an ad in which Macy's has teamed up with Alfani and are sponsoring a trip to the Super Bowl in Phoenix (though the word "Super Bowl" doesn't appear in the ad and neither does any reference to tickets to the game). And while I'm sure Leon Hall appreciates the publicity, he probably doesn't appreciate that they have no idea what position he plays. Here's the quote that appears next to the picture of Leon Hall in his featured advertisement:
"Rookie Runningback Leon Hall Wears ALFANI."
Too bad Leon Hall plays cornerback. I can just imagine the conversation at Alfani HQ when they were brainstorming this idea:
Alfani Dude 1: "What's hot these days? I mean, how can we get our product placed in front of our key demo? Is there anything out there that 18-35 year-olds watch all the time?"

Alfani Dude 2 "Well, people seem to like this sport in which a leather covered spheroid is thrown through the air. I'm told they call it foosball or something."

Alfani Dude 1: "Oh yes! Football! It's football. You know, Super Bowls, Peyton Brady and Steve Montana! Guys love that stuff. Ok, who's really hot in football these days."

Alfani Dude 2: "Well, I remember seeing a lot of coverage about some team with tiger stripes this summer. I think people were getting arrested or something...."

Alfani Dude 1: "No such thing as bad publicity and tiger stripes are so IN this fall! Who's the newest, hottest thing in tiger stripe football?"

Alfani Dude 2: "Looks like they just added some guy named Hall to their team. They paid him a lot of money so he must be good."

Alfani Dude 1: "Let's get him. What's he do?"

Alfani Dude 2: "I think there are people who catch the ball and people who run it. It looks like he's always running, so he must be one of those."

Alfani Dude 1: "Perfect. Get him on the horn stat!"
And so forth. Fashion people are stupid.

(UPDATED PHOTO. I was able to mess with the pic finally and figured it made a little more sense to have the pics up.)

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Alexander D. said...

Alfani doesn't exist as a company; they're one of Macy's store brands. This being said, Macy's is likely to be America's stupidest department store, so it all fits together.