Tuesday, October 23, 2007

If The Sox Win The World Series, New Englanders Are Gonna Get Paid

If you bought furniture from New England's Jordan's Furniture stores, you are REALLY pulling for the Sox to win this thing.

A lot of local chains put together zany promotions to get people to come to there stores and buy shit. And in New England there is no subject that makes people more zany than the Red Sox. So back in March in order to capitalize on the zaniness of the fanbase and combine it with a zany promotion, Jordan's Furniture put together a promotion whereby whatever furniture you purchased from March 7 to April 16 would be free if the Red Sox win the World Series in 2007. And they are not backing down from it:
"Imagine yourself sitting on that sofa, watching that game, and knowing it's free if they win," said president and chief executive Eliot Tatelman, who is already appearing in new commercials reminding fans of his commitment to pay them back.
That's pretty cool of the guy to go on television and remind people about it. If The Wiz put together such a promotion, he'd be getting plastic surgery and would be on the next plane to Antigua. And though Tatelman may be an honest man, he's not an idiot. He bought insurance to cover the cost in case the Sox won. The guy who wrote that policy is probably sweating bullets right now. As is this guy:
Still, Tatelman said the chain took almost 30,000 orders during the contest. One customer stands to get back $40,000, Tatelman said.

"He did his whole house," he said.
$40,000 in home upgrade for free. Those stakes are a little higher than the friendly wager with my bagel guy for free coffee for a week.

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