Monday, November 12, 2007

The Real Detroit Lions Just Stood Up

You'd be sad too if your team rushed for -18 yards in a game.

I mentioned this last week" but it's worth mentioning again (especially after some negative comments and a couple of really strange and angry emails): the Lions are not very good. In fact, they are kinda awful. Here are some of the pertinent stats from yesterday's disgusting defeat to one of the most average teams in the NFL. In the second half, they had the ball 7 times and turned it over 5 times (once on downs because they couldn't get one yard). They had no drives with over ten plays and only two drives lasted longer than two and a half minutes. If not for the short field touchdown in the first half and the garbage time touchdown, this game would have been an absolute blowout, and even with them it wasn't that close. And the real big number is the rushing yards: Negative 18 yards. Wow. I know I said earlier that this team is not even as close to as good as its record but I really didn't know just how bad they were. They are awful. In fact, just go and re-read my previous post (linked to above). The only thing I got wrong there was that I said Detroit would be favored this past weekend, they were not nor should they have been. It will be a Christmas miracle if they win a single game from here on out (and yes, I'm aware they play Minnesota).

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