Friday, November 23, 2007

Uno Attacks AIDS Commercial

I saw this commercial last week and have been waiting for someone with a little more tech savvy than myself to post it on youtube. Well finally someone made it happen. I love America. Now, you may be wondering what the F I'm doing posting this stupid commercial but if you listen closely to the words around the 12-13 second mark you'd here a line that makes it sounds like this card game could give you a communicable disease that will likely lead to a lifetime of chemical cocktails and a slow and untimely death. The line I'm speaking of sounds something like this " might get AIIIIIIIIIDDDDDDDSSSS!!!" It's really unbelievable that they could let this commercial get out like this. If you can't hear it very well in the above video, check out the snippet below. It's pretty clearly AIDS.


Michael said...

actually its pretty clearly "eight". plus, that makes sense in the context of the commercial, getting no extra cards, versus getting eight extra cards. And since we all know the purpose of Uno is to get to zero cards, getting eight cards would be bad. Good AIDS joke though, I might have thought that was funny 10 years ago.

Luol Dang! said...

Michael, you are stupid.