Monday, January 14, 2008

Alice Fraasa: AKA The Snorg Tees Girl

This story appeared on Deadspin earlier so it's not exactly unique news, but I know some of the people that read this frequently will be interested in taking it all in. The Pensacola newspaper featured an article about the Snorg Tees girl and her growing popularity and since Snorg is in a way a "sponsor" of the site, I felt it my duty to give those folks some free pub. Another reason I wanted to post this article is because I think some of you reading this are mentioned (anonymously) in the article:

A few weirdos have tried to contact her, Fraasa said, but most of the experience has been good. She’s both floored and flattered by fan groups that have sprung up on the Internet.
Weirdos, eh? That sounds like an accurate description of some of my readers. You know how you are....

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Snorg Tees said...

The Snorg Girl is so cute - I bow to her greatness.

However, I think it would freak me out to deal with the attention she gets from being the Snorg model.

Snorg tees rock anyway!

Snorg Girl II