Monday, January 14, 2008

Did You See That Underhand Flip By Favre? That Was The Most Amazing Fun Loving Play Of All-Time

Gosh, he's just having so much fun I want to take a pen AND JAM IT IN MY FUCKING RETINA!

Even a cynical Favre hater like myself enjoyed the scene at Lambeau with all the snow and shit. It was a pretty cool sight... until Brett Favre completed that 3 yard bomb that set the world on fire. I actually overheard some dudes goign bananas about it when I went to grab some breakfast this morning and wanted to jab these dudes in their tracheas. I'll give it to Favre that he was able to get away from the rush. That was pretty nice, especially for an old dude. But the fact that he threw the ball 3 FUCKING YARDS UNDERHANDED to a an uncovered receiver directly in front of him was not a feat worthy of remark. The play to gain yardage in a sack situation, that's good. The overall achievement in terms of athleticism, creativity and outstandingness, it doesn't even rate. Did anyone see David Garrard throw a touchdown pass as his face was about the meet the fucking mulch? Now THAT was amazing. But how many times was that replayed, once? And how many times did we have to watch Favre's 3 yard limp wrist, 80? Get over it already, it wasn't that sweet.

Now I don't wish the man harm, but I can't wait til this Wranglers wearing, indigestion having, pill popper rides off on the tractor he rode in on and I never have to hear another announcer verbally ejaculate every time this old fuck does something unconventional and unremarkable. Just be sure you're not on the same road as Favre on his way home. I hear the guy's got some substance dependency issues...

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