Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Curse of The Double Deuce

Yet another reason why I love YouTube. Geniuses like the guy who put together the above "Oscar style" montage.

Well, fortunately, it turns out that reports of Patrick Swayze's demise were greatly exaggerated. And thank God because after Brett Favre left this earthly realm, the world was not ready for the passing of yet another American Icon. What? Brett's not dead? Oh... well then why the fuck is everyone freaking out about him? Anyhoo, the news of Swayze's affliction on top of this weekend's passing of blind Canadian Guitarist Jeff Healy at the far too young age of 41 (maybe it's just me but I thought his death would receive much more publicity than it did) led me to wonder what is going on with the cast of Road House? It seems that some of the major players are kicking the bucket in quick succession (or at least two of them almost did). So I ask: Is the cast of Road House cursed? And lest you think I'm overreacting, just check out the list of some of the more unfortunate fates of the cast members below (Actor's name - role in Road House - demise):

Chris Latta - Bar Patron - "Now deceased actor and cartoon voice specialist, Chris Latta plays a bar patron who offers his wife's assets to be fondled for twenty dollars. This situation eventually starts one of the many bar brawls. Latta is best known for being the voice of Cobra Commander (G.I. Joe) and Starscream (Transformers)"

Sunshine Parker - Emmett - Deceased 1999

Jeff Healy - Cody - Deceeased 2008

Kelly Lynch - Dr. Elizabeth Clay - Turned down the Sharon Stone role in Basic Instinct (1992).

Ben Gazzara - Brad Wesley - One foot in the grave (not that he's ill, just old)

Dennis Ott - Bar Character - Deceased 1994 (AIDS)

Chino 'Fats' Williams - Derelict - Deceased 2000

Jasae - Strip Joint Girl - starred in porn classics like "The Barefoot Alien 2: The Foot Erotic" under the sobriquet Elise Di Medici and produced such gems as "Cloak and Gag 'Er".

Ancel Cook - Grillman - Deceased 2001

Red West - Red Webster - Old as dirt and almost dead.

That is a laundry list of actors who have suffered terrible fates. Sure some of them were old and died as a result of their age but others suffered such bizarre fates that it's hard to think it can all be just a coincidence. There are greater forces at work here. Sam Elliott better watch his ass...

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