Sunday, March 2, 2008

Jerry Porter Got Paid What?

The Jags would've been better off setting fire to $30 million ($10 million guaranteed) than giving it to Jerry Porter.

Here's Jerry Porter's resume:

1. Laughed at his teammates as they got their asses kicked on the field.
2. Refused to play hard because his coach wouldn't allow champagne in the training facility.
3. Walked out of a practice because it was taking too long.
4. Parked in Al Davis' parking spot.
5. Suspended from his team (twice) as a result of the above incidents.
6. Plays the wide receiver position at a very average level.

So he's a clubhouse killing ne'erdowell who doesn't even have the decency to produce on the field. And the rough-and-tumble Jags are giving him $30 million over the next 6 years? Jerry Porter can probably thank Randy Moss for this gratuity but at least Randy at one point in his career had the decency to produce. Jerry Porter hasn't done shit and they don't have a QB who can get him the ball enough to keep Porter from becoming a problem, again. This ain't gonna end well...

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