Thursday, August 23, 2007

Finally, The Real Reason Why JD Drew Sucks

With the flick of his wrists, JD Drew can send a ball to any field 400+ feet. I saw him hit a ball that appeard low and away to dead center at Fenway that landed about 8 rows back over a 20 foot wall. He's got amazing ability. Yet strangely, he sucks. He's batting .264, he's hit 6 home runs and his slugging percentage is a mere 100 points lower than his career average. He sucks. People have been trying to explain it for a longtime. I could have been that he got dinged early or perhaps it was a lingering shoulder issue or maybe it was a family issue (his son did have a serious medical situation earlier in the season that forced him to wear a full body cast for awhile). We just didn't know. Well, now we do. It's Domes. When JD Drew steps inside a dome, he gets all sorts of fucked up:

"I came here and felt a little bit out of whack with the dome situation, things like that."
The dome situation? What situation would that be? That the game was played in a dome? Or is it the Trop in particular that gives him so much trouble? JD, you have been in this game for 10 years, shouldn't you have figured out how to play in Domes by now? And if not, could you figure it out? The reason I'm asking is because you suck; and watching you strike out in big spots time and time again is really frustrating. Thanks buddy.

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Joseph said...

Drew has sucked everywhere... Just now I watched him swing at a first pitch, 1 out, bases loaded, tie game situation.... into a double play. After last night, a weak swing strike out in another tie breaking, 2 on 1 out situation. He can not come through for the sox. He sucks in most situations, and it hurts even worse to see him blow it in these vital situations. How many tens of millions is he making for this? It's awful.