Friday, August 24, 2007

Triple OT WNBA Game Overlaps LA Galaxy Coverage....And One Person Is Not Pleased

When the last night's blockbuster ESPN2 lineup of WNBA and MLS events was thrown into flux when the WNBA game went into triple OT (and still neither team scored over 100 points) forcing the delayed coverage of the Galaxy v. Chivas Regal (or whatever the fuck there name is) match, you figured it was the proverbial tree in the forest scenario. The second least popular sport in America overlapping the start of a game in the least popular sport in America (featuring the worst team in the least popular sport in America). Well it seems that at least one person was upset, and he wants YOU to band together with him and take action:

I hate ESPN right now. They showed a WNBA games on 2 channels instead of becks game back from england.
If you support football please fill out this complaint to espn
Needless to say, I don't think the rash of complaints that followed disrupted the ESPN complaint department. Now maybe it's just me but if your night is disrupted because the WNBA game has gone long and now you can't watch the worst team in the MLS play, maybe you should splash a little water in your face and do a little mirror-looking. Maybe take a walk around the block and figure out what went wrong. Because something is clearly wrong.

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