Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Hey Mighty Casey, Nice Crank!

Is it me, or are Mighty Casey's balls kinda "in your face" here?

So yesterday while watching the little league world series, ESPN's cameraman panned to a statue of Mighty Casey that is somewhere on the Williamsport facility. The angle was similar to the one shown above and I couldn't help but notice how prominent Mighty Casey's sack seemed to be. I know that sculptures are meant to offer life-like interpretations of not only what the person looked like but also best reflect the personality of the immortalized persona, so some liberties are taken in an effort to best capture the spirit of the person. I guess the problem I have with the statue is that while I remember Casey being a "larger than life" personality, I don't remember hearing anything about Might Casey's prominent scrotum. Maybe that tale requires a re-reading on my part.

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