Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Florida v. UCLA. Man, this is gonna be ugly

EZ big fella. You've finally got some competition.

It's rare that you find a guy as talented as Joakim Noah who is so unfortunate in the looks department. He may be the ugliest player in college basketball and one of the top ten ugliest sports personalities over the last decade (other nominees include Rick Smits, The Unit, Mike Ricci, Nowitzki, Chyna, Rebecca Lobo, John Cheney and A-rod--he's ugly on the inside). He probably thought he'd run away with that honor. Well hold the phones because I think we've got a ballgame. Lorenzo Mata is going to give Joakim a run for his money. Lorenzo has the kind of ugly the camera hates. You can almost hear the producer screaming in the camera guy's ear when Lorenzo gets the ball, "CHANGE IT! MOVE IT! GET IT OFF OF HIM! FOR CHRIST'S SAKE! CAMERA 3 CAMERA 3! DO SOMETHING!" Mata isn't as well known so I'm not sure he'll get the respect he deserves. He's like the Indie flick going after the Oscar against Scorsese. He is probably not as technically sound in the ugly department and is a little rough around the edges, but the talent is there and if we can create enough groundswell, we could push Mata over the top.

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