Wednesday, May 30, 2007

B-Lo To Split Carries With Steven Jackson

I am way late to the game on this, but with all the MMA talk and A-Rod philandering I've been a little distracted. Apparently Rams coach Scott Linehan is ready to give Rutgers hero (and Smittblog man-crush) Brian Leonard 15-20 touches a game. Aside from being the nightmare scenario for fantasy football owners, the move seems a bit curious considering Steven Jackson is an every down workhorse and was a Pro Bowler last year. What makes the move even MORE unsettling to me is that if Brian Leonard is a guy who can take 15-20 touches out of the hands of a Pro Bowl running back on a very good offense, WHY THE F WAS HE DRAFTED IN THE LATE SECOND ROUND? How can a player that talented fall to the 52nd pick while a backup QB like Kevin F'n Kolb gets picked with the 36th pick! It just doesn't make any sense. If a team that doesn't need another running back like the Rams can find a way to get Leonard involved, why can't a team with limited RB depth (Philly) or actual RB problems (Tennessee, Jets or even Chicago) find a way to use him? I hate the NFL scouting process.

On a lighter note, the article linked to above did have a bizarre little anecdote meant to underscore just how well Leonard has picked up on things since he's moved to the greater St. Louis area:

Brian Leonard is proving to be a quick study. Less than two weeks after being drafted in the second round by the Rams, Leonard showed up Friday for rookie minicamp wearing a bright red Cardinals baseball cap. Welcome to St. Louis.

"I'll probably end up turning into a Cardinal fan," Leonard said. "I grew up in New York, so obviously I was a Yankees fan."

So who's his favorite Cardinal?

There was a long pause, and what seemed like a bit of panic. "Hmmm," Leonard said. "I could mention Yankees."

Then, finally, a name came to him. "Pujols," Leonard said.

Nice recovery.

Coach Scott Linehan hopes Leonard is similarly adept at picking up the Rams' offense.
Ummm, yeah. The ability to think on his feet and come up with the name "Pujols" when asked about the Cardinals really has to warm the heart of Linehan. Leonard's a regular Howie Schwab. Good thing he didn't get picked by the Chiefs.

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