Thursday, May 31, 2007

Wade Boggs Never Would Have Made It In The NFL

Is there anything Boggs can't do?

When Roger Goodell started disciplining obnoxious dregs of society like Chris Henry and PacMan Jones, I was with him. When he wanted to play a game in China, I could dig it. And even when he got the crazy idea to add a 17th game and move the Super Bowl to some Eastern European country, I defended him. But after this latest move, well Roger, you've just lost yourself a friend. Today, Goodell put out a letter to all 32 teams that effectively banned fun from ever happening on NFL time. Or at least the cause of a lot of fun--Alcohol:
"Effective immediately, clubs are prohibited from providing alcoholic beverages, including beer, in any club setting, including in locker rooms, practice or office facilities or while traveling, including on team buses or flights.

This prohibition extends not only to players but to all team personnel, as well as to other guests traveling with the team or who have access to club facilities..."
I don't want to sound like an alarmist here, but given that this move is an attempt by Goodell to protect his players at least while on company time (in transit or at their place of business), isn't the next logical step for Goodell to start reaching his greasy paws into tailgates and stadium beer sales to protect fans from themselves while attending an NFL sanctioned event? If Goodell's intention is to protect people from the ills of alcohol, banning alcohol on NFL team property or having roaming breathalyzers seems like it is likely his next pet project. I'm not saying post-game DWIs are not a legitimate concern (Lord knows I've never been sober enough to drive after attending a football game, though I've never been asked to.), but when does it end? I'm gonna be looking over my shoulder the next time I crack a beer in my living room while watching a game on a Sunday afternoon waiting for Goodell to knock it out of my hand and suspend my television privileges. And one last thing, Goodell justified the ban by noting the following:
"I believe that no constructive purpose is served by clubs continuing to make alcoholic beverages available, and that doing so imposes significant and unnecessary risks to the league, its players and others..."
Umm, was he not watching PTI when the Boggs revelation was uncovered? If that's not a constructive purpose, I guess I wasted 4 years of college being "unconstructive" or "non-constructive".... or whatever.

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