Sunday, May 27, 2007

I Thought MMA Was Supposed To Be The Next Big Thing?

Lil' Mac could've found the Liddell's glass chin quicker than Jackson did.

I'm sure Chuck Liddell has more tough in his ass hairs than I have in my entire body but that "fight" last night was one of the weakest events I've ever seen. Why anyone would pay a red cent to see a guy take a weak right hook on the chin and then fall to the ground like King Hippo is beyond me. The totality of a UFC event is probably more exciting than a boxing match because there are multiple fights and the action is fast and furious, but the headlining event will never compare. The maximum amount of time these fights last is about 4 minutes and that's if the guys pussyfoot around for 3 of those minutes. In Boxing, people receive shots to the chin like that almost EVERY ROUND. Not only do those punches usually not end the fight, but the guy rarely falls down after receiving them. And even if they do fall down, they usually get up. I'm not saying Liddell wouldn't have been able to get up from it, but he lost consciousness when he took that hit and that 1 second when was falling was all it took to end the fight because Jackson didn't hesitate to finish him off. The series of events that ended the biggest fight in UFC history (from a marketing standpoint) was much more disappointing than the Mayweather - De La Hoya fight. The face of the sport crumpled to the ground after taking a routine punch. I'm not saying Chuck Liddell's a pussy, I'm just sayin that if this is the best this sport's got, well that kinda sucks.


Mike22182 said...

Learn something before you make a post like this.

Weak shot? ANY boxer is going down form that shot with those smaller gloves on.

There were 2 fights on that card that went the distance and every card multiple fights to the distance.

You're just making yourself look bad posting this garbage.

Luol Dang! said...

EZ Mike. I don't normally respond to comments because I want to encourage criticism and debate here but this seemed particularly worthy of response.

First, if you're going to insult someone's knowledge or intelligence, it's kinda key to use proper english or at the very least make sense. Phrases such as "...and every card multiple fights to the distance..." don't necessarily help your cause. Look up the definition of "irony" when you get a chance.

Second, you may want to refrain from listing your birthdate next to your real name and log in information. I'm not saying that that information could be used to steal your identity, but an idiot like you probably uses that as your ATM Pin, Cell Phone password and Adult Friend Finder password. Anyone on the internet is about 6 key strokes away from sending a 6'3" tranny from Cortland directly to your place.

Lastly, you may want to think twice about posting critical comments on someone's blog when you yourself write a blog about puppies and the progress of your self-prescribed / self-administered fat camp. Good luck with that, chubby.

Thanks for reading, Mike.

Brian said...

Great response to mike's argument... Well not really. Mike brings up two valid points disproving your inane blog post and you choose to respond by attacking his grammar? And I love how you say "I normally don't respond to comments..." then follow up with a list of attacks that has nothing to do with the original argument. You made yourself look even more ignorant about the subject YOU posted by completely skirting the issue Mike writes about. Great "disses" though, attacking someones grammar on teh internets is oh so cool.

And how does your response encourage "criticism and debate"? Someone argues against one of your posts and you go on some grammar crusade, telling him he is fat?

And to wrap it up, mike is right. If you realized it before writing that post the gloves MMA fighters use are much smaller than boxing gloves. So boxers can take more punishment than ultimate fighters. Thats not even research you have to do on that matter, its just common sense.

Matt said...

I agree with Brian and Mike totally.

Luol Dang! said...

Further discussion can be found here.