Saturday, May 26, 2007

This Theory of Mine About The Knicks Is Making More Sense By The Second

The Van Gundy leg hump may have just fallen out of the top ten most ridiculous moments in Knicks history.

So this ranks right up there in the truth is stranger than fiction department, the Knicks, a team in need of any news that could reasonably be construed as positive, decided to retain the services of resident vocal diarrhea veteran Micheal Ray Richardson (that's how the man spells it) as a member of their community relations department". Richardson recently made headlines after he made some comments that some people interpreted as anti-semitic (though personally, I think complimenting airport security and an ethnicity's ability to deal with years of persecution is not "anti" anything even though Richardson may have couched his compliments in an ignorant manner). He's also been criticized for making homophobic remarks and is notorious for his gift of gab on other tough subjects like the racial double standard and the development of some NBA prospects. My personal favorite being this one:
REPORTER: What do you think is happening to the team?

RICHARDSON: The ship be sinking.

REPORTER: How far can it sink?

RICHARDSON: Sky's the limit.
Now I don't think that Micheal Ray should be banned from participating in organized basketball for the rest of his days (he was just hired as head coach of the CBA's Oklahoma City team), but maybe he should have been moved from the community relations department of a team in a city with the nation's largest Jewish community to a more "behind the scenes" department, like GM. Just sayin....

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