Wednesday, May 23, 2007

For Jason Giambi It Is Lawsuit Time, Baby

This leak about Giambi testing positive for amphetamines may be the best thing to ever happen to him.

Clearly I'm not a huge fan of the Yankees and I think their front office has done some stupid things in recent years, but this Giambi amphetamine leak is perhaps their dumbest move ever. Jason Giambi should sue the absolute shit out of the Yankees, the MLB and whatever organization is responsible for testing the players. If Roger Goodell was pissed about the leak of the marijuana admissions before the draft (a first time admission about a substance with no discernable affect by players who never really said when they did it, so it seemingly would have a far lesser affect on their value in the draft), Bud Selig should be fucking APESHIT about this information getting out when the Players only agreed to it BECAUSE IT WAS SUPPOSED TO BE CONFIDENTIAL. We'll probably never know who leaked it, but there is only one party in this that benefits in ANY CONCEIVABLE WAY: The New York Yankees. The act does not void his contract so it doesn't benefit them there, but the information does devalue Jason to the point where they can be excused for trading him to the Angels or Mariners for a bag of donuts and a handjob. PLUS, because of this information, when Giambi hits the free market in the fall of 2009, his value will be decreased and whatever he signs for will be less than he would have had the information not been leaked. The difference in value of that contract from what he could have earned had it not been leaked will at least be partly the fault of the party who leaked the information. It will be difficult to discern that specific value, but whatever it is, the leaking party will owe it to Jason Giambi for violating the terms of the Players' Agreement. That money that Jason loses will come out of the ass of George Steinbrenner. And why? BECAUSE HE COULDN'T RUN VERY FAST! (sorry, I couldn't help myself there. Lt. Weinberg is one of my favorites). Btw, Jas, if you're one of my loyal readers, shoot me an email and I'll file the suit myself. Nothing would make me happier than serving my first complaint on Bud and Big Stein.

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