Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Did Tito Diss Torre?

This picture makes me really uncomfortable on a lot of levels.

While the "controversy" surrounding last night's game was yet another questionable move by A-rod (a move no more cheap than leaning into a fastball to get plunked or running on the grass to first base to try and cause a bad throw), maybe people should have paid closer attention to what Tito Francona said regarding JD Drew's slump and his shot at Joe Torre.

Drew, who has been awful of late, has been the focus of much media scrutiny. Francona, always a defender of his guys, was asked by reporters if he intends to do anything to the lineup in an effort deal with JD's slump and responded that Drew's a streaky hitter and at some point in the not so distant future will go on a tear. Then, in an effort to defend his actions further, Francona quipped:
"If we don't panic and hit him eighth, we'll be the recipient of that"
Hmmmm.... who do we know that "panicked" when a streaky hitter went cold and subsequently dropped him to the 8th slot in an effort to take the pressure off of him and help him to perform. I feel like this happened before.... oh right, it was Joe Torre who dropped A-Rod to the 8th spot in last year's Detroit series and then got skewered by the media about it because it worked out so poorly.

I'm sure Tito didn't mean to insult Torre about dropping A-Rod to the 8th slot last year, but that was a not so subtle reminder of how poorly that move worked out and Tito should have known better.

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