Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Donyell is Not Steve Kerr

Do we kill Jordan if Kerr misses this shot?

First, you need to watch this clip all the way through. Kerr's speech at championship parade is frickin hysterical. He's a regular Sinbad; only Kerr's actually funny. I'll keep this short as the real NBA blogs are much better equipped to handle this discussion, but how can you possibly kill Lebby for passing it to Donyell for the wide open game winner last night? Lebby didn't get a single call going to the hole the entire night and there was NO WAY IN HELL he was going to get a call on that last play. He made the right pass to a guy who was 6-10 from three in the game that got them into the finals. Lebby was absolutely correct when he said it was a "game winning" play. But more importantly, when juxtaposed against Game 6 of the 1997 series, it is eery how similarly the two plays match except for the part where Kerr made his shot. And check out the words Kerr uses to describe how Jordan essentially made the play happen.
"When Phil drew up the play at the end," said Jordan, who had 39 points and 11 rebounds and was named Finals Most Valuable Player for the fifth time. "everybody in the gym, everybody on TV knew was coming to me. I looked at Steve and said, 'This is your chance,' because I knew Stockton is going to come over and help and I'm going to come to you. Tonight Steve Kerr earned his wings from my perspective."

Kerr, a shooting specialist, was giddy with excitement after clinching the title for Chicago. "He (Jordan) said, 'You be ready, Stockton is going to come off you.' I said, 'I'll be ready, I'll knock it down. He's so good that he draws so much attention. And his excellence gave me the chance to hit the game-winning shot in the NBA Finals. What a thrill. I owe him everything."
This is EXACTLY what Bronald did last night. Donyell just missed the shot. If he makes it, the tune we are singing about Lebby is night and day.

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