Tuesday, May 22, 2007

I Know It's Not that Funny About The Celts, But It's Kinda Funny

This was the headline on Boston.com immediately following the draft selection:

BREAKING SPORTS NEWS: The Celtics were awarded the fifth pick in the NBA Draft. The lowest the Celtics could have slipped to in the NBA Lottery was the No. 5 spot.
That quote is the "Cellar Door" of sports headlines. I don't think you can craft a summary more simply stated that captures perfectly what happened last night. It captures the exact mood of the pick for those that don't know how the lottery works with the "were awarded" part but also makes clear just how bad of luck it was that they got that pick. Perfection. Honestly, Celts fans can't feel too badly for themselves. I mean, at least they'll get Spencer Hawes. He'll fit in perfectly with next year's lottery selection of Chase Buddinger.

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