Monday, May 21, 2007

What Do Former Rock "god" Scott Stapp and The Jets' Justin Miller Have In Common Other Than Being Associated With A Group of Below Average Performers?

Jesus may kick ass but Scott Stapp kicks female ass.

Scott Stapp and Justin Miller had pretty solid weekends, if assaulting women is your idea of a good time. On Sunday, Stapp was arrested for allegedly hitting his wife, former Miss New York York Jaclyn Nesheiwat. Stapp has a history of getting his ass kicked by people so this story is not surprising considering he's probably just venting some pent up aggression on someone he has a 50/50 shot of beating up. Also, on Sunday in New York, the Jets' Justin Miller was arrested after he punched a woman in a nightclub. Allegedly, Miller, unlike Stapp, meant to hit some dude that this girl was with but missed when the guy ducked and hit the woman instead. Now Miller's behavior is bad and he will likely get suspended, but what about this chick's boyfriend? Shouldn't he suffer some repercussions for being a pussy? I know it's the heat of the moment and you don't want to get punched, but aren't you supposed to move in the way of a punch if it's going to hit your girlfriend rather than jump out of the way and let her get punched in the face by the jacked NFL player? If I'm Roger Goodell, I find some way to suspend that guy.

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rstiles said...

It's great when someone is going to hit you and you are able to duck and have them hit someone else...that is a 3 Stooges-like move