Monday, May 21, 2007

Fragile Fred Narrowlly Cheats Death and Still Has The Wherewithal To Insult Tom Coughlin

I can hear Fred's hamstring popping when I look at this picture

I'm getting the feeling that the "Final Destination" film series is loosely based on the life and times of The Fragile One. Fred Taylor's injury woes have been covered in detail and though none of them were life-threatening, they happened so frequently that it seemed as though something a little stranger than simple "bad luck" was going on. If you weren't convinced before, you may want to reconsider after Fred's recent trip to Africa. Fred was with Samari Rolle and Lito Sheppard on a tour of Africa when the door on the prop plane he was flying in broke open at around 6,000 feet, forcing an emergency landing attempt. I'm no aviation expert but even I know that when that happens, it's not good. Fred felt the same way, saying "I thought that was it," Taylor said Monday following the final day of Jacksonville's three-day minicamp. "I put my head down and started praying. The runway was about two miles away, but it seemed like it took 10 or 15 minutes to get there." Fortunately, as is clear by the fact that Fred is quoted after the fact, Fred and others survived the ordeal after a successful emergency landing. And best of all, the incident did little to sap him of his biting sense of humor and loathing of Tom Coughlin. In reflecting upon the incident, Fred noted, "it was the first time he felt like he was near death "'since I was playing for (coach Tom) Coughlin.'" It's ok to laugh about it now I guess, but I have the feeling destiny will get the last laugh.

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