Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Kobe Wants Out

This should end well

I realize that unlike me, many of you are not able to listen to sports talk radio all day, but what is going on right now on Stephen A. Smith's ESPN radio show is pretty riveting stuff. Kobe Bryant is telling Stephen A. that he wants out of L.A.. He's not dancing around the subject and saying that he could come back if things changed, he definitively stated that there is nothing the organization can do to make his situation tenable again. He said he hopes the organization will do the right thing and get him out of there. With the draft coming up, this creates some absolutely unreal trade scenarios. Imagine if the Knicks still had their first round pick and some of the talent and expiring contracts they let go and didn't trade for Francis and didn't have bloated salaries across the board and didn't hire Isiah. Had that not all happened, they could have really made a run for this guy.

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Gabe said...

I can't believe Kobe went on the same network immediately after Smith's show and basically recanted everything he said.

Kobe is such a drama queen it's unbelievable. Somebody buy that guy a big diamond ring and get him to shut up.