Thursday, June 21, 2007

The Orioles Season In A Nutshell

Even when things are starting to look up, the Orioles season comes and smacks them right in the face.

This is a very imperfect analogy but given that I'm about 4/5ths through a bottle of Allegrini, imperfect is the best I can do. The O's season has gone horrendously. But like our goalkeeper here, they didn't exactly start with the best odds in the world. In the AL East, the O's were supposed to lose. And to their credit, they have done a heck of a job. But like our goalkeeper in the video here thinking ball would harmlessly clang off the post, the O's thought they had weathered the storm. Sure they had no chance and their manager was fired, but last year's NL manager of the was rumored to be on his way to replace him. Then, in less than a 24 hour span, Girardi passes on the gig, their best player, Miggy Tejada, goes down with an injury to his wrist that puts his consecutive games streak in jeopardy and their most talented pitcher, Erik Bedard, goes down with a hamstring injury. Like the goalkeep assuming a goal on a penalty shot, the O's probably could've expected the losing and having their manager fired, but this Tejada & Bedard situation is the proverbial soccer ball in the face. Here's hoping Miggy pulls through this and Bedard isn't that hurt. The O's don't need any more bad news.

UPDATE: Miggy's streak is over. Non-displaced fracture of the wrist. He's out for awhile and Gehrig & Ripken won't have to lay awake in their graves any longer. What? Ripken's not dead you say... Oh.

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