Monday, June 18, 2007

Today Is On Pace To Be The Greatest Day In Sports Blogging History

They forgot "Shooty McGee".

People on the West Coast are just rolling out of bed and we've already had a rumored manager firing, a potential blockbuster baseball deal going down (Buehrle to the Mets for Pelfrey and Milledge) and now PacMan Jones is being sought in connection with a shooting outside an Atlanta Strip Club.
DeKalb police confirmed they want to talk to the College Park native [PacMan Jones], whose entourage got into an argument with three other men about 4:16 a.m. at Club Blaze, a Moreland Avenue strip club, according to Officer Ariel Toledo, a department spokesman.

When the men with whom they argued left the club, Jones's entourage followed them in two vehicles police identified as a green Dodge Charger and a black Pontiac Grand Prix.

Someone from Jones' entourage allegedly shot into the vehicle they were following, Toledo said. Someone in the victim's car returned fire. One person in the victim's car suffered minor injuries from shrapnel, but refused treatment, Toledo said. The gunfire exchange happened near I-285.
To me, this is simply amazing. All PacMan has to do to get back into the league is spend a year without going to a strip club, essentially. Instead, he's at a strip club on Father's Day with his boys and their guns.

At this rate, before day's end, Chris Henry, Tank Johnson, Lawrence Taylor and Elijah Dukes will be linked to the Lindbergh baby disappearance and the Anthrax letters. Hold onto your hats....

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