Monday, June 18, 2007

Sam Perlozzo We Hardly Knew Ye

I hear ya D-Cab. I hate the O's and even I'm starting to feel bad for them.

In Buster's blog" today it was suggested that Sam Perlozzo could be the first casualty of the 2007 season. This had been whispered about for a couple of weeks but I really couldn't believe it because this team is not a manager coach or anything but a complete roster overhaul away from competing for a wildcard spot. If anyone should be fired it should be Peter Angelos for being such an incompetent joke of an owner. But I think I've started to buy into it after reading some of the players' comments that could double as eulogies:
"I don't want to be in the manager's shoes right now because it's kind of hard for him," said Mora, who publicly criticized Perlozzo earlier in the season but last night came to his defense. "He's doing everything he can to try to win some games. We try to talk to him about something different so he could forget about it, but sometimes it's hard."

"We have to find a way to come out and prepare ourselves everyday to win a game," Patterson said. "I like Sam. He's always been fair to me. I respect him and he respects me. ... We'll keep fighting hard for him and he'll do the same thing for us."
When a player on a sports team utters this phrase: "You know coach/skip/Joe can't hit/run/block/throw/shoot for us out there. That's on us, not him." The following week usually contains some kind of management change. But if that wasn't enough, this quote was sure to seal Perlozzo's fate:
"This is our fault, we're letting everybody down." Or to say, more importantly, "We're going to fix this."

Between now and tomorrow's opener of a six-game West Coast swing, there apparently will be a players-only meeting.

"Me. Kevin Millar will lead that meeting. ... That's who's going to lead the meeting," he said.
Yikes. A Kevin Millar players-only meeting. Maybe it is time for a change in Balto.

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