Monday, June 18, 2007

Rookie of The Year 2 - Electric Boogaloo?

Can a washed up, cracked out Henry Rowengartner (Thomas Ian Nicholas or "TIN" as he'll be referred to throughout) come back from Tommy John surgery and lead the Cubs to glory? Find out in "Rookie of The Year 2."

It's amazing what you can find on the internet without really trying... I was researching for another post I'm going to try and put up tonight when I stumbled upon an idea that is so amazingly spectacular that it deserved its own post: Writing a sequel to Rookie of The Year. The concept has a ton of potential and in fact, a rough script is already in the works (albeit a VERY rough and VERY amateur draft from IMDB):
"Rookie of the year 2- It still could be done. Henry could now be a washed up veteran even though he's only 25. By now, he's had a few run-ins with the law, a painkiller addiction, and Tommy John surgery. He's demoted to the bullpen when a new young stud comes up from the minors. The kid's got real talent but some maturity issues. Henry teaches him how to avoid trouble after finding success so young and to avoid the mistakes he made. The Cubs could sign Manny Ramirez and then the kid could carry them to the World Series. In game 7, Henry must come in and close the game against.....Heddo's son who's just entered the league. Of course, Henry strikes him out(like father, like son) and retires. Henry marries Becky and and becomes manager of the Cubs, leading into ROY 3. What do you think?"
What do I think? Allow me to clean the pre-cum off my shorts first and gather my thoughts! That is frickin genius! I really love the Favrevian "painkiller addiction" angle and can picture a hungover, half-bearded TIN (Thomas Ian Nicholas) watching the Bartman game, slinging 95mph beer cans across his filthy apartment at a picture of Becky who left him with the kids 2 years prior. TIN would obviously be wearing a Norbit-style fatsuit and dating an overweight and abusive "woman" (played by TIN wearing a fatsuit and wig). It would essentially be like a white guy version of Martin, but funny. We could get a Rocky-like montage to get TIN in shape. I'd also like to consider (I'm not married to the idea, so criticize if you must) working in some Freddy Prinze, Jr., Summer Catch 2 angle. That premise may require a movie of its own. But we better work quick, there are several ideas up on IMDB that are worthy of consideration. Call me crazy, but this could actually work. And if you do think I'm crazy, when it comes to ROY 2 talk, "crazy" is a relative term:
"I'm doing a dynasty mode with the Chicago Cubs in MVP Baseball 2004. I created Henry and brought him in as the teams closer. My storyline stemmed off of Henry pitching in high school. He's a hit with the local newspapers but every expert predicts he'll never make it to the MLB w/o his special arm. Henry has changed in character. He's no longer a clumbsy loser but has grown into a hot shot athlete with all the confidence in the world. Henry's character becomes a lot like Derek Jeter with the pretty boy status of Tom Brady. Henry brings with him a highly competitive edge in which he comes in does what he needs to do and it's over, he wins, they lose.

Henry is drafted right out of high school to the Chicago Cubs off the 14th pick. He begins in Minor League A and in no time proves he can throw. He's upgraded to AA and he's still whizzing pitches at around 98-104. He's again upgraded to AAA where they often try him as the teams closer. He's off and on in AAA for a while as the media begins questioning the MLB Cubs when Henry's coming to the MLB. They also question the Cubs marketing tactics. The Cubs are once again struggling with ticket sales and could use the tickey boast. At the time Henry's still slumping in AAA but quickly improving. At this point Henry's beginning to feel the pressure and lose confidence. The Cubs in need of a bullpen decide they'll bring Henry in. The entire sports media from all over the country air the story. Everyone on ESPN is in heavy debate. In Henry's first game and this actually happened in the game... Henry holds the Pirates to no hits in the top of the ninth only to bat successfully in the bottom 9th and get batted in for the winning run off a close call at home plate. From there Henry begins as the Cubs regular closer doing a very great job. The new conflict comes in the form of jealousy as many of the Cubs players cannot stand his instant hype. Not before long Henry is the media darling and the Cubs are fulfulling Wrigley sellouts. As things continue a new breakout closer begins competing with Henry. Where Henry has the big time "Rock Star" (Brady/Jeter like)feel where his rival is self-promoted premadonna "Prime Time" pitcher who walks around like he's Deion Sanders. They fued all season in the bullpen but Henry ultimately prevails striking out 5 out of 6 hitters leading the Cubs to victory over the Cardinals. The major conflict of the story being Henry vs. Himself and Henry vs. the criticisms of his teammates and the media.

By season's end Henry becomes "Rookie of the Year" once again!"

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