Thursday, June 21, 2007

Vince Young Offers PacMan Some Sage Advice

Look out PacMan!

With the PacMan situation reaching OJ proportions, I'm sure the Titans players are sick of taking questions about the guy. And it's because of this frustration that the players can be excused if they slip up and make some strange comments when asked about their former teammate. I mean, they don't want to completely throw the guy under the bus. But rather than stick up for his teammate and rally around the cause, Vince Young decided to take a different route to the whole situation. He thinks that PacMan--a man now involved in two shootings and about a dozen other assault probes--is the one who needs to be concerned for his well-being:
"He's got to stay out of trouble and watch his back out there," Young said.
Yes, PacMan's problem is that HE isn't watching HIS back. Not that people need to be concerned about PacMan shooting them when his posse is around. It's PacMan who needs to be worried. Lord knows that the reason for PacMan's involvement in shootings is only a result of him being in the wrong place at the wrong time.

Hey Vince, next time you feel like saying something with regards to PacMan, don't.

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