Monday, July 9, 2007

And Speaking of Crazy People....

Yesterday Manny was out of the lineup due to "intestinal turmoil." Being the trooper that he is, he was still scheduled to fly out to San Fran for the All-Star game. But given Manny's history of skipping this event and flaking out in general, when Manny was a no-show for the press conference today, there was certainly cause for concern. I mean, they would have to call up a replacement on short notice and change around all the rosters and paraphernalia and whatnot if Manny decided on a whim he didn't feel like being there. So what the hell is the deal? Where's Manny?:

But Manny is in town, according to fellow All-Star David Ortiz. "He's in town," said Ortiz. "I know, because he came with me."
That's a start, but letting him out of your sights was probably not a great idea, Papi. So citizens of San Fran, if you see a dreadlocked crazy person running around San Fran around 6pm tomorrow evening, let him know he's supposed to show up to Pac Bell by 8pm. Or at the very least remind him about the second half of the season.

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