Thursday, July 12, 2007

Our Four Day Long National Nightmare Is Almost Over

Yeah it's nice that it's almost Friday, but it is much nicer that sports is starting up again tonight. There are only so many episodes of "Dinner Impossible" on the Food Network that one can watch.

You'll get no argument if you suggest that the week of the All-Star Break is the worst sports week of the year. You get 4 straight days of non-sporting entertainment and you have to pretend to enjoy the 4 hour home run derby and 5 hour coverage of the brutal All-Star game. And you'd think because of this void some sport or sports-related entertainment entity would jump at the chance to feature their product during this week. But no, you get nothing. The only sport that does something remotely close to using this week to make announcements or advance their sport is the NBA and they just open up their bizarre free agent "non-signing-signing period" where you make a deal for a person and then can't "finalize" it (though it is announced) until later in the month. I've never understood that whole process. It's like the waiver trades after the trading deadline. Even ESPN, the Worldwide Leader doesn't capitalize on this opportunity like it should. Instead of hosting a live Sports Awards Show that everyone would watch, they tape the show, let everyone know the results (even going so far as to post the results on and then put the show on late Sunday Night whenever the St. Louis v. Philly game ends. Call me crazy but wouldn't they get more viewers on Wednesday night when the competition includes "American Inventor," "America's Top Impersonators" and "America's Talent And Is Really Below Average." We need some sport to step up and have a major event on Monday or Wednesday night. Let's get a big UFC fight series on this time every year or hold the Spelling Bee or Grammar Bee or Math Olympics or something on this night. Hell I'll take the fucking Canasta championships. Give me something with some competition. I'll watch it I swear. Just do it sooner than later. If I'm watching some asshole do a horrendous impersonation of Robin Williams this time next year, I may f'n lose it.

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