Thursday, July 12, 2007

The Post's Adam Buckman Is Really Pissed At ESPN And Thinks Vlad Guerrero Is Stupid

If Buckman had sent this article via text message, he would have used this emoticon.

I found it annoying the other night that I had to wait to see the opening episode of the highly anticipated "Bronx is Burning" series on ESPN following the 3-hours-too-long Home Run Derby. It was scheduled to start at 10pm but ended up starting at 11:05. I had TiVo'd it but changed the TiVo to record the 11pm program and extend the recording to 15 minutes after the 11pm program just in case. I started watching, fell asleep and then watched it the next day when I came home. Again, it was annoying but whatever, it was following a live TV event and a big draw for ESPN so I understood. Plus, TiVo is so easy to use that it didn't really require a degree in Rocket Scientry to tape the program. Not only that but ESPN showed the program the following night for those who had missed it. Really no big deal. That is unless you are the NY Post's Adam Buckman.

To call Adam Buckman "annoyed" with ESPN's programming decision would be an understatment. He was fucking IRATE. His anger fueled tirade was likely the result of being forced to stay up and watch the program later than he anticipated because he had to get a review in by deadline (though he never did review it), but regardless, the extent of his rage seemed a little over the top, not to mention that some of his rage seemed misplaced and misinformed:
The scheduling of a TV show would seem to be pretty simple.

First, you decide when a show should air. And then you air it at that time.

Make sense? Of course it does - unless you're ESPN.
You would think that after expending so much time, money and effort on producing this thing, the network would want to do everything in its power to showcase it properly.

For starters, they might have figured out a way to launch it on a night when the network had no live sports events whose running times are difficult, if not impossible, to predict.

And yet, ESPN officials stuck to their fictional 10 p.m. start time
Meanwhile, anyone who missed the premiere of "The Bronx is Burning" can try tuning in tonight at 10, when the episode is scheduled to be replayed - hopefully.
Ooooooh, burn! But that's just Buckman's opinion on ESPN's incompetence. He also made some other more bizarre and inaccurate comments like this one:
After all, this was ESPN's first-ever original miniseries.
Now I could be wrong but I'm sure Tilt and Playmakers were original miniseries. That's just poor research there, AB. But Buckman is far from done. He blames ESPN for people not being able to record the show because of the time change.
Untold numbers of them, who either planned to watch "The Bronx is Burning" from 10 p.m. to 11 p.m. or had set their recording devices to tape the show, were forced to stay up later than they had planned or found out the next day that their TiVos, DVRs and VCRs had not recorded "The Bronx is Burning" at all.
As I mentioned above, a modicum of technological acumen would have solved this problem. Most people were watching the Derby or were at least awake at 10pm when it was recording so they could have made the necessary adjustments. But that wasn't his most absurd statement. Not by a longshot. Buckman, essentially, said that Vlad Guerrero is mentally retarded and not worth AB's precious time:
They had, however, taped the final hour of an over-long Home Run Derby, including the always exciting post-Derby interview with the winner - in this case, L.A. Angels right fielder Vladimir Guerrero.

I don't know about you, but interviews with monosyllabic athletes post-anything are usually occasions to change the channel.
Monosyllabic? I'm not sure if you've ever heard Vlad speak, and before Monday, I'm not sure I had, "monosyllabic" is not the word I would choose to describe his speaking style. He speaks Spanish and he speaks it fast as hell with a ton of syllables. I find it ironic that an "Entertainment columnist," a profession in which word-smithery is held in such high regard, would choose such an ill-fitting generalization in which to lump all athletes. My guess is that Adam was just so angry he had to stay up past 11:30pm that he was not on his game. I'll let it slide but in the future, maybe he should lighten up a bit. I'd hate to hang with him on a Sunday afternoon when the Jets games run into the opening 15 minutes of 60 minutes. There must be broken remotes all over the Buckman household.

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