Thursday, July 12, 2007

G-Mac Is Struggling


It kills me to say this but maybe Gerry should just hang 'em up. It might be his time. Those of you not familiar with Gerry's post-collegiate career, he played in Greece for about 3 minutes (literally), jumped out of that contract, landed in the D-League with the Bakersfield Jam! only to have his minutes taken by the midseason acquisition of Mateen Cleaves and now he's trying to long-shot it into the Philadelphia 76ers program. Things with the Sixers didn't start out all that auspiciously when in the first week of practice he rolled his right ankle and sprained it. Determined to make the squad, he played through the pain and did not play all that well (3pts, 1 board and 3 turnovers) in the 8 or so minutes he was on the floor. A couple days later he sprained his left ankle during a game and was supposed to sit out for awhile but chose to play through it. Then last night he re-sprained his left ankle and though he eventually came back to finish the game, the results were not all that awe-inspiring. Gerry would have had a tough time competing in the NBA at 100% health. He's now functioning at about 30% and it's just getting depressing. It's like watching Jack Nicklaus try and compete in the majors the last couple years before he retired. It was a good effort but he was outmatched and knew he had to hang it up. Gerry's still young and has the desire that some guys would kill for, but he's short, not that quick and very injured. No one's going to fault him if he calls it quits. He's overachieved his entire life and it's a tribute to his desire that he even got a shot in the NBA. We don't want to remember him as the gimp who kept on showing up at NBA summer leagues and is a D-League veteran (See Mateen Cleaves). It's time to ride off into the sunset Gerard.

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rstiles said...

I loved matter what he is one of the 10 best playrs to ever wear a Cuse uni