Tuesday, September 11, 2007

How Bad Is It In Syracuse? They Can't Afford To Fire Their Coach

'Cuse may have to start a bottle drive in order to get rid of this screaming face.

I don't count myself amongst the ever-growing legion of Syracuse football fans who want to see Head Coach Greg Robinson canned, but that's not to say I don't understand where they're coming from. G-Rob's high energy, good-looking, always rosy disposition doesn't exactly meld well with this grizzled, hard-working, blue collar town. The community has not embraced him and I'm not sure they'll ever give him a chance. So it was not surprising that people have been screaming for his removal since about the 4th week of his tenure. Well it turns out that even if the similarly disliked AD Darryl Gross agreed with the fan sentiment regarding G-Rob, they may not be able to afford to buy out the final years of his contract:
The big question around this program now is, does the ailing Orange athletic department have enough money to buy out the last two years of Greg Robinson’s contract? If he can’t outcoach Ron Zook and Illinois on Saturday, you’ll know things with his regime are truly hopeless.
I left in that last sentence about Ron Zook because no amount of mention of Zook's futility is too gratuitous. But as for 'Cuse, does it get any lower than deciding that your program is going in the wrong direction (not that they have) but being unable to do anything about it because you are too poor to make the change? That is pathetic. When your fans, alumni and administration abandon your program in succession, I don't think it's hyperbole to say that you have the worst football program in the land.

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