Sunday, September 9, 2007

Your 2007 Syracuse Football Squad: On Pace To Be The Worst Team In College Football History

Syracuse is awful. No doubt about it. 35-0 against an average team and 1 yard rushing in the first half with no first downs to speak of.... just fucking awful (I especially enjoyed head coach (low caps) Greg Robinson's take on the matter: "I'd like to think that we're doing the right things. We're just not doing them all well."). They are the worst Syracuse team in recent memory and that is saying something. But just leaving it at that is the easy way out. They have the potential to put together the worst season in college football history. No shit.

While it's impossible to really compare teams of today to teams of yesteryear through statistical analysis because those lazy bastards of yesteryear didn't keep great stats or film all of their games (cheap fucks), there are a couple teams that are generally thought of as the worst teams of all-time. Both the '80 & '81 Northwestern team, 1998 Kent St. team and even more recently the 2005 Temple squad. For my money, the '81 Northwestern team seams to set the bar very high. As laid out by

1981 Northwestern. 0-11, outscored 505 to 82. Lost 21-20 to Indiana in the opener and got obliterated by everyone else. During a three game October stretch against Purdue, Michigan and Wisconsin, the Wildcats were outscored 125 to 0, and lost the last six games 305 to 32.
That is horrendous. But if Syracuse were to continue on its current pace, they'd be outscored 462 - 72. The problem is that Syracuse won't continue on its current pace, they are going to get worse. They still have to play WVU, Louisville, Rutgers, South Florida and Cincinnati. Those teams put up 48, 58, 41, 26 & 34 respectively this week. Oh, and that 26 by South Florida was put up to BEAT AUBURN AT AUBURN! While that 34 was put up by Cincy AT OREGON ST. Iowa put up 35 this week against the 'Cuse after putting up 16 last week against NORTHERN FUCKING ILLINOIS. Assuming Louisville and WVU put up 50+ points easily, that scoring differential by the '81 Northwestern team will be in serious jeopardy. 'Cuse only has one winnable game left on their schedule in Buffalo, and they just scored 42 points yesterday (though to be fair that was against the shitstain that is Temple football). Syracuse is at best gonna be 1-10 and most likely will sit at 0-11. They've run for 32 total yards (8 + 24) in 2 games. They are not even average at any aspect of the game. At this point the only thing Syracuse fans can look forward to is the ignominy that comes with the distinction of worst of all-time. At least it's noteworthy.

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