Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Isiah Thomas Hates White People

"Learn how to dribble, shoot, make passes at women and insult white people just like Zeke!"

The Isiah Thomas sexual harassment suit is just heating up, and it is already getting good. Thomas' accuser, Anuka Browne Sanders, took the stand yesterday and aside from the predictable stuff about calling her a bitch and wanting to make out with her, which was all very good stuff, Browne Sanders let the court know that Isiah doesn't think much of white people either:
Sanders said that when she asked Thomas at one point to hand-sign letters to season-ticket holders, he spat, "I don't give a f- - - about these white people."

She said that prompted her to remind the coach that 80 percent of the team's season-ticket holders are white.
Well THEY DIDN'T GIVE A FUCK ABOUT YOU EITHER UNTIL YOU STARTED FUCKING UP THEIR TEAM (not that the team is the possession of either white or black NYC. In fact, neither race lays claim to the team at this point.)! There's a ton of good stuff in the article as well as a related article in which it is mentioned that Isiah is openly laughing at the plaintiff's testimony. Now, I'm no expert in jury trials nor do I claim to have any experience in analyzing jury behavior, but I can't imagine that the jury is going to find it in anyway amusing that a defendant accused of propositioning sex to a high-ranking employee is laughing at her teary testimony on the stand. That's not going to stop me from finding the whole situation funny, but that's just because the more of an asshole Isiah shows himself to be the more likely it is that Isiah will suffer the greatest humiliation of his life. And that would be funny for me.

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