Monday, July 16, 2007

Who Cares If This Amputee Is Angry; He Is Fast As Hell

Yes this photo is creepy, but you have to admit it's also pretty cool.

When I read the headline about the International Association of Athletics Federations (IAAF) disqualifying a double amputee (Oscar Pistorius) in an Olympic qualifying race with "able-bodied" racers because he ran outside of the lines, my initial reaction was one of sympathy for the guy. I mean, it just seems heartless to disqualify a guy who had finished last in a race and has no legs. I just didn't see what the point was. Well from the there the story took an unfortunate turn when Oscar called out the IAAF, insinuating that they are discriminating against his kind:
"They haven't been in contact with me ... they should be working with me. They don't seem to have any respect for Paralympic sport," Pistorius was quoted as saying by the BBC after competing in Sheffield.
The IAAF came back with some shots of its own and it turned into kind of a pissing contest. The whole thing just seemed unfortunate and unnecessary if the guy wasn't competitive anyway. Leave him alone for cripe's sake. But then I read an article about him today and in that race that he lost he ran a 47.65 400 meters. That is fucking fast. And then I started looking into it further and the guy can really move. He consistently runs in the low 47's for 400 meters and is competitive against some of the world's fastest men. In the below video he runs a friggin 46.90 400 and finishes second! I could do without all the bitching between he and the IAAF, but I could stand to watch him compete against people with actual calf muscles on a more consistent basis. This guy is unreal:

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