Wednesday, July 18, 2007

More Fun With Search Terms

So after getting some positive feedback about the Google Analytics Keyword listing post (the one about Grady Sizemore's cock), I've decided to periodically list some of my favorite keywords / phrases that direct people to my site. Some of them are unbelievable, and some of them are unbelievably repetitive. Here are a few more:

alligator comedy skit (I have no idea why my site comes up or what this refers to)

where does tyler perry hang out (what does this person expect to find with that query? An article entitled: "Top Ten Hang Out Spots For Tyler Perry." If you want to stalk Tyler Perry, you have to be more creative, idiot.)

"scott baio" balls (This is funny because someone is searching for information about Scott Baio's balls, but what's funnier is that I think I have what they are looking for on my site. Or maybe that's less funny than it is sad or scary, but we'll leave that alone.)

But my two favorite over the last couple days have to be this one:

no bull crap shit (This one is kinda scary because it comes from Langley, VA. My guess is that it's not from "Langley" as I'm sure they aren't using Google to track down the "no bull crap shitters" of the world, but the search itself is unbelievable. What result could that person possibly have been hoping for?)

And, once again, my personal favorite:

grady sizemore cock

What's amazing about this is not the fact that this is now the second time since I've been paying attention to it that this search term has come up, but in the past week TWO PEOPLE HAVE USED IT AND FOUND MY SITE! One person from Troy, NY and another from Phoenix. Now I'm guessing that they are doing it just to be funny, but if that's not the case and there is a run on people using that search phrase, I'm very concerned for the wellbeing of our nation. I mean, as many people have reached my site after typing in "grady sizemore cock" into google as have after typing in "tuna salad vs. chicken salad". That's troubling.

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