Tuesday, July 17, 2007

WiMP's (Wily Mo Pena) K Numbers Are Other Worldly

WiMP, you seem like a nice guy and all, but man you have trouble hitting the ball.

It's no secret that Wily Mo Pena is a prodigious strike out artist. One of the game's true geniuses of the K craft. But while that's common knowledge, a look at his work this year reveals that he is even outdoing himself. In 134 plate appearances, he has 52 K's. One out of every 2.5 at-bats (approx), WiMP K's. In the 31 games this year where he's had 2 or more at-bats, he's had a strikeout in 27 of them. He's tied with Derek Jeter in strikeouts and Jeter has over 400 plate appearances. If he played on a regular basis and received an conservative 650 PA's, he'd have about 250 K's. Adam Dunn set his record (a record that may not last a single year as he is currently on pace to break it) of 194 K's in 673 PA's. The only player even in the same stratosphere as WiMP is Jack Cust and he's at about a 1 out of every 3 PA K rate. It may be painful to watch WiMP play the game, but if you do get a chance to watch him, watch knowing that you are watching one of the single greatest strikeout artists the game has ever seen.

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