Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Hey Steve Kragthorpe, Stop Blowing Sunshine Up Our Asses. We're WAAAAAAY Past That Bullshit

This picture should be used as "stock footage" of Syracuse Football from about 2003-present.

When Louisville takes on Syracuse this Saturday after having their BCS Championship hopes dashed, it is gonna be ugly. Louisville is good, Syracuse is bad and Louisville is going to be very, VERY angry. The only thing they have left to play for is the Big East championship and a bid to a BCS bowl game as well as Brohm's Heisman candidacy. But if you listen to Louisville coach Steve Kragthorpe, you'd think they're taking on the fucking Baltimore Ravens:
On the 40-34 loss to Kentucky that ended with a long TD pass in the final minute: "Obviously, I'm very disappointed that we lost the game in Lexington. We've got to get back off the mat and get ready to play a Syracuse team that is very, very dangerous and very sound on the defensive side of the ball. They bring pressure from a lot of different angles and they have a variety of fronts. On the offense side of the ball I think the QB is playing more efficiently every time he plays, and they have some big-play guys on the outside. So, we've got a challenge."
"Dangerous...." "Big-play guys...." ARE YOU FUCKING SERIOUS? I know you don't ever want to disparage another team publicly, but at least be honest about it. Couldn't you just say that "Syracuse is going through a tough time right now but we don't want to underestimate them because those guys have pride (which is debatable)." That I can buy into. Even a modicum of praise for either side of the ball is too much. And if you think I'm being too harsh, check out the numbers from Joe Starkey's article:
• Syracuse ranks 116th out of 119 Bowl Subdivision (formerly Division I-A) teams in total offense, 101st in total defense and 118th in sacks allowed (18).

• The past two years, Syracuse ranked 110th and 115th in total offense; 107th and 57th in total defense; 116th and 109th in sacks allowed.

• With only three more losses this season -- care to bet the under? -- this team will have matched the school record for most losses (24) over a three-year stretch, matching the squads of 1972-74 and 1891-93.

• A ticket scalper told The Syracuse Post-Standard that business outside the Carrier Dome was the worst since he started in 1984.

• In a 41-20 loss to Illinois on Saturday, the announced crowd (34,188) was the lowest at the Dome in 20 years.
So listen up, Kragthorpe.... we don't want your pity and we don't want your false praise. We just want you to beat the shit out of us and then shut up and leave us alone. Things are bad enough without you lying to try and make us feel better.

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pdiggs said...

hahahahhahahahahhahahahah boy you look like a retard. i guess crap ass kragthorpe was right. national championship? are you kidding? you really think you would play for the national championship??? louisville fans have no sense of reality. god i wish they could play 1 season in the SEC. last year was a fluke....but was it really??? they beat 1 team they shouldnt have. never will you play for a title witht a SOS over 100.