Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Hey Ya'll! It's Your 2007 Cincinnati Longhorns!

So far this year, this guy is the only person associated with the Longhorns who has not been arrested. Obviously an oversight.

The long-arm of the law is coming on down awful hard on the Longhorns Footbal program. It was reported today that Texas Longhorn freshman running back James Henry was arrested for his alleged involvement in obstructing the investigation of a robbery allegedly committed by another Longhorn in July. Apparently, Henry "'went over there and whupped'" one of the victims, throwing them on the ground and punching and kicking them in the head several times." This makes a cool half-dozen Longhorns arrested since June. That's pretty high for a college town who probably let's its athletes get away with pretty much whatever the hell they want. Though I guess when you start disposing of evidence in a robbery, it's hard for the police to kinda "let it slide." They are almost nearing Bengals territory. Book em, horns! (Yes, I know that is awful).

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