Friday, September 21, 2007

The NY Post Has The Solution For Dealing With The Cheating Pats

With the hullabaloo surrounding the Pats cheating scandal dying down now and the news breaking from the commissioner's office that the Pats will likely not face further punishment, some people are still a little upset that the Pats got off the way they did. Well if you are one of those people who would still like to see the Pats publicly taken to task, the NY Post is your paper. Each day the Post offers a subtle reminder that the Pats may be 2-0, but they ain't squeaky clean:

*PATRIOTS 16 1/2 (41) Bills (1:00)

*Caught cheating
Nice work fellas. I guess this is what happens when it's more interesting to report on your team's rival than about your shitty team.

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