Friday, October 19, 2007

And Tim McCarver Is Kind Of A Douchebag


Of course Manny was supposed to get to second base last night on the drive to right that was absolutely a home run! We FUCKING GET IT ALREADY TIMMY! And it WOULD HAVE BEEN A HUGE DEAL if Lowell had made contact with the ball in the next at bat. But he didn't. Manny's baserunning gaffe had the potential to be a huge deal in a one run game that looked as though runs were going to be scarce. BUT SAVE YOUR SELF-RIGHTEOUS INDIGNATIION FOR WHEN IT ACTUALLY AFFECTS THE FUCKING GAME! Manny's trot to first base did not impact the outcome of the game ONE FUCKING IOTA and McCarver treated the situation as if Manny just took him in a backroom and tried to tie him down and fist him. Lost in all of the bullshit was the fact that Manny's home run won the Red Sox the game. Oh, but that it FAR less important than his lack of hustle. Get over yourself you old fucking prick. Retire already and spare us your mindless rants, countless errors and homespun moral compatude (how's that for a word!).

Also, I hate you.

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