Monday, October 15, 2007

Syracuse Head Coach Greg Robinson Is Much More Scott Stapp Than He Is Milli or Vanilli

This is from a portion of the article featured in the below post but was good enough that I thought it deserved its own spot.

The following snippet comes in response to a quote from Syracuse Head Coach Greg Robinson. Apparently G-Rob was talking with someone from the media about Rutgers recruiting and used the phrase "one year wonder." Even though Robinson is absolutely correct (Rutgers pulled their two best players ever away from Syracuse because of the Coach P coaching change), it became bulletin board material and it was really unnecessary because who the fuck is G-Rob to talk? At least Schiano had one year:

Luicci: .... They can't protect Andrew Robinson and they can't run block. Greg Robinson called Rutgers a one-hit wonder? At least Rutgers had a hit of its own. This guy is the Milli Vanilli of college coaches.
Milli Vanilli? That's kinda funny but completely incorrect. Milli Vanilli took the nation by storm and were later revealed to be frauds. We know G-Rob is a fraud and he isn't taking anyone by storm and never has. He was a decent assistant coach on some teams that were considered decent. G-Rob is more like Scott Stapp. His career with another organization was overhyped by people who don't know shit and his solo career is a predictable abject disaster.

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