Wednesday, October 17, 2007

More Fun With Search Terms

"YAY! I finally found Grady's crank!"

It's been some time since I posted one of these but in that time there has been some pretty good stuff. So here goes.

Let's dispense with the usual suspects:

"grady sizemore's cock" 11 times
"grady sizemore cock" 7 times

It continues to amaze me. Here are a few other good ones:

"bigger pussy" 6 times
"human neutering" 3 times
"jacobs field handjob" 2 times
"mateen cleaves pics + giant head" 2 times
grady sizemore robocop

That last one is a real head scratcher. But here are my 4 favorites:

helping mean people get it

Yeah, how can we help mean people "get it?" That is a really good question. Mean people suck. More:

"marc bulger shirtless" 3 times

Who on God's green earth is searching for Marc Bulger shirtless? My guess is that Bulger just got bored while injured and starting looking for shit about himself on the internet. That one threw me for a loop. And three separate searches? Holy crap.

Here's my second favorite of the week:

"hannah montana boner worthy"

First, this search is highly inappropriate. The chick is 14 years-old. The person who used this search term is in need of some serious help. I'm putting my life (and freedom) in my hands even posting it (though I'm certainly not endorsing it), but the fact that the phrase "boner worthy" was used was what got me. I didn't know that turd of a phrase was still kickin around. But my favorite search term for this post was most certainly the following:

how do you know if they have a big pussy?

There's a question for the ages. I think that was one of the questions that drove Godel mad.

As the Sports Feller would say, yup, these are my keyword/phrase searchers....

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