Monday, October 15, 2007

Rutgers Is Getting A Little Uppity For Being Such A Shitty Football Program

Sure they're decent now, but this was homecoming at Rutgers 3 years ago.

Let's make this quick. I am not delusional and will in no way try and intimate that the Syracuse Football team is in any way comparable to Rutgers this year nor is their program presently within sniffing distance of Rutgers, but just because you had one good year does not mean you get to start ripping other programs. You're still Rutgers. Perhaps the second or third worst program in college football over the last couple of decades behind Temple and maybe Duke.

Rutgers was down 14-0 to 'Cuse in the Dome before scoring 38 unanswered points. And here are a few snippets from the media coverage after the victory:
6. How much was this Rutgers putting it all together or Syracuse just having nothing?

Delanian: Why don't you do this. Take a basketball and go out to the nearest park. Try to dunk a hundred times. See how close you get. Then break out the six-foot-high toy hoop you bought for your kids and try again. Now, maybe you were able to dunk on that one because you worked your legs all day and built the strength to get up there. Or not.
Now admittedly, the argument of dunking on a 6 foot rim is pretty apt when talkinga bout playing this Syracuse team. But here's something to chew on: EVERY FUCKING WIN RUTGERS HAS THIS YEAR IS ON A 6 FOOT RIM! BUFFALO, NAVY, NORFOLK FUCKING STATE, & NOW SYRACUSE! YOU LOST TWO GAMES AT HOME TO TEAMS WHO HAVE HARDLY SIPPED THEIR CUP OF COFFEE IN THE TOP 25! Syracuse may be one of the bottow 5 teams in college football, but this 2007 Rutgers team sucks.

Then the article rips 'Cuse for their attendance for this game:
7. One last thing. We lost count. Were there 500 fans in the stands at the end or 600? Syracuse football sure has fallen.

Luicci: Once they stopped selling beer at halftime, the fans had had enough. Why stay and watch this Syracuse team if you're sober? It's a sad sight seeing the Carrier Dome filled with far more Rutgers fans in the fourth quarter than Syracuse fans. Some of them may have been left over from the basketball team's Midnight Madness too. It was Homecoming and the place wasn't sold out. This is how low Syracuse has sunk: The school needed legendary country singer Larry Gatlin to belt out a halftime tune to draw people. Buffalo had the Village People when Rutgers played. Temple had the Monkees. Now Syracuse needs a gimmick to draw because the on field product is that bad. So it's official. Syracuse is in the same class as Buffalo and Temple.

Delanian: Be fair. There were 36,226 in attendance, to be exact. It's just that only a dozen or so were still around in the fourth quarter. That should be the official motto of both the team and the fans: "Hey, at least we showed up."
The digs are appropriate. The Syracuse team is pathetic and there is no reason for their fans to show up. This team sucks worse than any team I can remember. But here's the thing, two years ago, Rutgers averaged 33,000 a game and that same year Syracuse averaged 40,000 and went 1-10. AND THAT RUTGERS TEAM WENT TO A FUCKING BOWL GAME! Syracuse will average about the same amount of people per game as Rutgers this year and Syracuse will finish 1-11. If Rutgers was 1-11, they would literally have 500 people there. And with Rutgers schedule the rest of the way, they'll be lucky to win another game. This is no bowl team. And then with Rice gone next year, the real Rutgers is ready to re-emerge.

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