Monday, October 15, 2007

Tonight's Strize Zone Was Absurd

Yes I know an inconsistent strike zone is equally troubling for both teams but some of the calls tonight were absolutely absurd. Westbrook especially got some unreal calls on his armside of the plate. Anything tailing down and in was a strike no matter if it clipped the knees of a right or was out of the reach of a lefty. I would call even greater bullshit on this game except for the fact that I suspect Francona knew it would be a big zone with this ump and setup his rotation to take advantage of it because Dice-K benefits from the big zone and sinkerballers usually don't need it. Who knew three walks would be sapped from the Sox because of it.

Check out pitches No. 5 in the first graphic, 4 in the second and 3 in the third (top to bottom. Green is a ball and red is a strike.). Those were all called strikes. Pitch 4 to Manny in the middle pic was especially unbelievable. It was ball 4 and almost hit him. He then hit into a DP. Pitch No. 3 in the bottom pic is actually outside of the ball called just before it but was called a strike.

Hey ump, bend over and use your good eye you fucking idiot.

(Yes I'm aware the placement of these balls on the graphics are subject to human flaw and bias but they are usually pretty close to correct.)

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matthew said...

can we get a Jacoby > Drew argument are is it too obvious.

Also- check out the audio of Belichick's press conference after Sunday's game...