Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Thank God For Boeheim, And Welcome Mookie Jones

Mookie, I'm not sure anyone's ever told you this but you are a breath of fresh air in a sports community suffocating in an atmosphere heavily congested with football ineptitude.

While Syracuse prepares to face SUNY Buffalo this weekend (and likely lose to them) and the AD is faced with firing his hand-picked head coach in the middle of the season less than three years after he was brought in to save the program (G-Rob is 6-24), there is some positive news coming from the soon-to-be All-Basketball Carrier Dome. It looks as though Syracuse has landed the 6-7 top 40 SF Mookie Jones, adding to an all-ready STOCKED crew of young talent.

Mookie has set a press conference for 3:15pm in the Peekskill school library where it is expected that he will declare his intentions to attend 'Cuse. Becoming the third player top tier kid to commit this year. Last year they had the top recruiting class in the country and with no seniors on this year's squad (Josh Wright doesn't count), the future is looking bright. So bright that maybe they'll be able to blind people to what's going on with the football program.

Hopefully this press conference will be followed shortly by the presser in which G-Rob is unceremoniously let go and then followed up with the press conference introducing new Head Coach Randy Edsall. The more press conferences the better.

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