Monday, October 15, 2007

The Czar: Belichick Caught Mangini Cheating In 2006

I am a complete hypocrite. I want this Pats cheating story to go away but only when it benefits me. When a story surfaces that implicates someone else, well, then it's ok to talk about it again. Case in point:

FoxSport's John Czarnecki (a man I kinda ripped earlier) was giving his recap of this weekend's football action when he just happened to toss in this curious little line...

I don't know Bill Belichick, but I respect him a lot despite all this Spygate garbage. A lot of teams steal signs and videotape their opponents when it makes sense. Belichick will tell you that his security team caught a Jets employee filming them last season in Gillette Stadium and he didn't go running to the commissioner's office.
Oh really. How VERY interesting. So the JETS were cheating and got caught but because there are still some people who understand that this type of shit should be handled in-house, Belichick didn't run to the principal's office crying like a fucking pussy with tape in hand. Huh. So now Mangini isn't just a rat, he's rat fink hypocrite. Way to go, dickhead. Oh, and nice start to the season you piece of shit. You deserve every pathetic loss and half-full stadium the rest of the way.